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Light Pong: the 1-dimensional game console

285 Reviews

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Light Pong: the 1-dimensional game console
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 Light Pong is gaming as you've never seen it before. We have created the world's first 1-dimensional game console - the most epic new addition to your Saturday night that you didn't even know you needed. Play solo or challenge a friend on one of the many games; pick it up and play  - whether you're 6 or 106; light up the room with awesome lighting effects. Endless fun, anywhere.

Light Pong Can Play Lots of Games 

Light Pong’s games are programmed on a single line, which is why we call it a 1D console. Light Pong is the console for easy-to-play games that still involve mastery. 

...and thanks to the creativity of our developers tools, you will be able to keep playing new games for years to come!

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Ambient Mode 

Companion App 

Light Pong was designed to be simple of course, but we still wanted to create something dynamic and open to customization. Enter the Companion App.

Not only will the app allow you to play other games, it will also let you customize Light Pong in creative ways such as choosing the light colors, or switching to ambient mode.

Compatible with Android and iOS, the Companion App is also high in utility. Here are a few features that the companion app will have:

  • View and download games on the Light Pong marketplace
  • Load the new games on to your Light Pong wirelessly
  • Customize the ambient mode with different patterns/visualizations
  • Adjust brightness for indoor/outdoor play
  • Mute/Unmute sound
  • Connect multiple Light Pongs together for multiplayer modes (stretch goal!)




This is a gif, give it a moment to load.

For those interested in testing their skills beyond just gaming, we're opening up the floor to designers and developers to make your own exciting 1D games! Think you've got what it takes?


Limitation Breed Creativity

If you’ve ever written a chiptune, or if you’ve ever produced pixel art, you may resonate with the idea that limitations breed creativity. Designing games for Light Pong is no different because of the limitations that one-dimensional space brings! How do you take a game of bags and translate it into one dimension? What about a fighting game, or a dungeon crawler? What would an online multiplayer game look like? Questions like these aren’t impossible to answer - and we’ve found that it’s quite fun to try and figure the answers out!


Create Your Own Games or Mod Ours! 

Light Pong runs on a microcontroller executing a small Python interpreter (CircuitPython-compatible). Using this alongside our development framework, you can easily create custom Light Pong games, or mod our Light Pong games! That’s right - for each Light Pong game that we produce, we will release it’s source code online for you to poke, prod, mod, analyze, and steal (or borrow? Really, it’s okay if you don’t intend on giving it back :stuck_out_tongue:). 


Share Your Work

Oh - and we almost forgot! Developers will be able to take their games, put them in a virtual cartridge, and upload them to our online marketplace. Once there, other users will be able to find games and upload the cartridges straight to their Light Pong units - using the Light Pong Companion App! This means that even if you have no interest in developing games for Light Pong, you will still have easy access to new and original content from other developers right at your fingertips.


We’re also planning for our framework to have specific integration with the Light Pong Companion App - like being able to read/write game-specific data between the app and a Light Pong unit. This opens up a huge range of possibilities for developers. Something that we’re particularly excited about is using this feature to keep track of Ping Pong scores (and maybe even upload them to a leaderboard…? :eyes:) 


Our framework and developer environment aren’t totally complete yet - but with your support, we will make it one of our top priorities to provide ways for any developer to create their own games on Light Pong without the learning curve of writing microcontroller code. 


Want to join the Light Pong team? Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, we've listed open roles!


Light Pong will be powered by either an ATSAMD51, ATSAMD21 ESP-32 or ESP32-S2. While we'd love to have this set in stone by now, the reality of the current microchip shortage means we'll only know what we can get after we receive funding and know how many units we're making. The good news is that after months of testing, we've validated that all three of these options are all more than powerful enough to be the core of our console. 


The moment we get the Kickstarter funding, the first thing we will do are purchase one of these three chips in the quantity we need, finalize our BOM, schematic design and PCB design, and update our backers on the final selection. Everything else is set. 

Light Pong has already evolved an incredible amount since the idea was first born, and will continue to evolve indefinitely. 


We've come so far since we started our Light Pong journey, and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. We've gone through a TON of prototype models, constantly iterating and tweaking this thing to the best of our ability in order to keep getting close to a basic version of the final product. 

Evolution of Light Pong


 Light Pong in the Press

We have 77,000+ followers on our TikTok watching our videos, you should follow us too!


We’re the Light Pong team! A group of around 9 people + some contracted agencies.

Most of us started working together at Midwest Immersive. Midwest Immersive is a marketing company that created VR/AR/LED projects for our clients like Nike, Verizon, Adidas, Progressive, etc.


We’re made up of electrical engineers, product designers, software developers, marketers, and business developers; we're all driven by the common desire to surprise and delight people. That's what gets us out of bed every morning. We have just the right mix of people to ensure an awesome play experience, a high quality product, and building a community that will definitely be noticed.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for expressing your interest in Light Pong. Or if you just happened to scroll here cause you know social links are always at the bottom. We don't want to toot our own horns (well, we do), but we're super proud of the community we're building. Follow us, chat to us, hang out with us on Discord, and you could very much be a part of the exciting future of Light Pong.


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      Light Pong: the 1-dimensional game console

      Sale price USD $129.99 Regular price USD $219.99

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